A veteran of interior and furniture design in both production and retail, Georgia Tapert Howe honed her craft working for interior design luminaries such as David Easton, Mica Ertegun and Haynes-Roberts before opening Georgia Tapert Living, her own home accessories boutique, in downtown Manhattan in 2007. A year later, she launched Carolina George, a furniture, fabric and interior design firm based in New York. Once she relocated to Los Angeles in 2011, Georgia started her own full service interior design firm, which earned her the honor of being named one of Elle Decor's Rising Stars. Georgia specializes in residential interiors that combine a classic elegance with a modern twist and a youthful practicality. Having spent more than 15 years in the business, Georgia brings a well-honed eye and extensive experience in both commercial and residential design.

A designer by trade and a traveler by heart, Georgia lives by the belief that good design should not be constrained by set boundaries or rules. Her progressive design philosophy is reflected in the myriad of styles and periods that influence her interiors.

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